Whether you spent your summer traveling across the globe or filled your days working hard and playing on the weekends, summer is about over. August means that school supplies are filling up the shelves, retail stores are stocking up on backpacks and graduating high school seniors are starting to pack up their rooms and finally free up that extra bedroom for their parents. If you’re like some, you have a room full of clothes, sports trophies, shoes, posters, and more. Rather than trying to cram all of your favorite outfits and shoes to go with them into a tiny college dorm room with two roommates, consider a storage unit so you can free up space in your new home, and your old bedroom.

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More Space In Your Parents’ Home

Parents’ don’t want kids to know, or maybe they do, that they are looking forward to the day they can turn your bedroom into their hobby room. So don’t be offended when you come home for the summer and your favorite place has turned into a sewing room, giant stamp collection, or workout room. In addition to extra space for your middle school art pieces and track trophies, they can also store away the bed, dressers, and other furniture that was in the room.

Not Living in a Dorm?

When dorm days are over, it means finding a space off campus. This change of scenery can mean late night parties without worrying about waking up your roommates, a yard, and maybe even your own bathroom? However, finding a space with closets for everyone is another story. To aid in this hunt for the perfect rental house or apartment, a storage unit can be the perfect solution for too many belongings and not enough space.

storage furniturePeace of Mind

While you’re studying hard during the year, making plans to travel for an internship over the summer, or powering through a long drive home, you want to know that your possessions are safe and secure. You may have secured a house with some friends for the summer and they promise to keep an eye on your things while you’re away, but why put that stress on them? And packing up the car for a long drive, unpacking at home, and doing the reverse in the fall seems like unneeded work. Keep your belongings safe in a gated storage facility with video surveillance and on-site manager.


Even though Dallas doesn’t see snow storms and cold weather like other parts of the country, it can get cool enough to warrant a thicker jacket or coat. These heavier, winter items, even if they aren’t feathered coats, can take up a lot of space in an already small dorm closet. If the weather looks like it’s going to be cooling off for a few days, take a trip to your unit and pick up the items you need just for that time.

Being prepared for the unknown is part of being a savvy college student; also, knowing how to pack a lot into a small space. With the help of a storage unit, you can make sure that you have all of the “I may need this” items just around the corner, and you can keep the “I need this” on hand in your apartment. Check out our two Dallas locations and schedule a tour today.