Storing your belongings long-term may not necessarily be a fun thing to do. It requires wrapping fragile items, packing them in boxes, putting away clothes, and piling everything into a storage unit. But whatever reason you have for putting the items in the unit, you still want them to be just how you left them when it comes time to take everything out again. This means there may be another level of preparation that is necessary to ensure everything is secure and packed away correctly. If you’re storing items at either of our two Dallas locations, Love Field or Oak Cliff, for more than a year, follow these long-term storage tips.

Use Sturdy Boxes

Even a small amount of moisture can cause cardboard boxes to lose their strength, leaving the contents susceptible to damage. Using sturdy boxes will ensure that the contents are safe from humidity or moisture in the air.

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Avoid Plastic

It’s tempting to use plastic bags to pack away clothes, electronics, or miscellaneous items around the house. If you don’t want these items to get wet, avoid using plastic. Plastic is a great environment for moisture to form inside of the bag.

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Wrap Fragile Items Carefully

Be sure to stock up on plenty of bubble wrap for fragile items, including kitchen glasses, plates, or living room items like pictures or lamps. Wrap them tightly and use tape to secure any pieces. Be sure to also fill up additional space in boxes with more bubble wrap or newsprint.

Label Boxes

If you do happen to come back to the storage unit for an item, you’ll want to know exactly where it is located to avoid opening up more boxes than necessary. Label each box with what is inside and you can even create a map for larger units and place it on the wall of the unit by the door.

Prepare the Unit

If you are indeed renting the storage unit long-term, for more than two years, be sure to put down a tarp on the floor of the unit to keep moisture from reaching your belongings. In addition, use pallets or shelving units to keep boxes and other items off of the ground.

Storage Units DallasClean Everything

Putting dirty items into a storage unit could mean that they come out with mold, heavy stains, or damage that was caused by dust particles. Launder clothes, wipe down wooden parts of furniture, and thoroughly clean any appliances. To further protect furniture, use a polish that will help seal the wood and prevent mold. Doors of appliances should be left slightly ajar to prevent mold from building up.

Cover Furniture

Use white sheets that are 100 percent cotton to cover furniture. Using dark colored sheets could cause the color to bleed into the fabric.

Our Love Field and Oak Cliff locations can ensure you that your belongings will be safe and protected throughout your entire stay at our facility. With an on-site manager, 24-hour digital surveillance, and these long-term self storage tips, you can be confident that your belongings will be just as they were when you put them in the unit. Call us today to reserve your storage unit.