Summer has come to an end and fall is in full swing in Dallas. Even though it might not feel like it’s cooling off yet, October and November is the perfect time to think about switching out seasonal belongings from your storage unit. Love Field Storage wants to continue providing the community of Dallas with exceptional customer service through the holiday season and into the spring. To save you time, here are some things that you might need through the holidays and what you can put back into the storage unit to save space at home.

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Summer Items to Put in the Storage Unit

It’s hard to let summer go, but saving space in your home will help to keep you organized at home.

  • Summer Clothes: Texans love their shorts, sandals, swimsuits, beach hats, and t-shirts, but when you pile of these items together, there may not be much room left in the closet. If you have kids, be sure to go through each closet and collect the clothes that they won’t wear once the weather cools off before replacing them with winter clothes.
  • Bikes: Road bikes, mountain bikes, or motorcycles, it can be difficult to ride when the chill wind is blowing and the sun is hiding behind clouds. To save space in your garage, it’s time to pack up your family’s summer bikes to make room for other sports equipment.
  • Camping equipment: By now, the kids are getting in the habit of waking early to head to school and weekends are filled with homework, soccer games, and afternoons watching football. If you don’t plan on a camping excursion until the spring, it’s best to put away the tent, backpacks, and camping dinnerware.
  • Gardening Tools: After finishing up the fall gardening, the potting soil, pots, and wheelbarrow can take a break for the winter. Now, you can relax throughout the winter and let your annuals do their thing in the ground.
  • Fans: Even with the AC on, Dallas gets hot during the summer and an extra fan or two around the house and keep things cool and comfortable. Now, as the temperature is lowering, the extra fan or two are just taking up space in your living room and is an extra surface that needs to be cleaned. Add these to the pile of things to take to your storage unit.
  • Canoes: There’s only so much space in your garage and with two cars in it already, the canoe needs to go to the storage unit. Unless you plan on another family fishing trip or a lazy afternoon on Lewisville Lake, pack it up.
  • Golf Clubs: There may be a day or two throughout the winter when the weather will be warm enough for golfing, but if space is a concern, consider packing your clubs away for a couple of months.

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Winter Items to Take Out of the Storage Unit

There can be a lot to look forward to throughout winter and the holiday season, so be sure to pack up all of your summer items above to make room for your winter things.

  • Seasonal Decorations: For many, the beginning of September means it’s ok to bring out the fall decorations. Now that it’s October, you can go wild with pumpkins, leaves, and chai lattes. But don’t forget about the Christmas tree, wrapping paper, lights, wreaths, and other decor. Making one trip to the storage unit to get all holiday decor will save you time and money on gas.
  • Heavier Coats and Clothes: If you love winter, you’ll want to spend some time on the slopes, which means you need to break out the heavy coat, boots, hats, gloves, and scarves. And even if you aren’t an avid skier, make sure you have something warm to wear on cooler days. Bring back from your storage unit the sweaters, jackets, and all of the fashionable fall and winter clothes you’ve been wanting to wear again.
  • Snowboard or Skis: However much you love them, there just wasn’t space to keep these items in your home or garage over the summer. But now you can look forward to the weekend when you can drive up to the peak and feel the cold wind on your face as you ski or snowboard down. Just bundle up.
  • Hunting equipment: The time of year when people around the nation look forward to: hunting season. Give yourself enough time to clean off your gun, and dust off the treestand, portable stove, clothing, and chairs.

Making the transition between summer and winter is easy when you take some time to get organized and make a list of things you need to take out of your storage unit and what needs to take its place. Keeping a clean and organized home throughout the holidays will keep your family and guests happy. Make sure there’s plenty of space in closets and the garage for holiday presents and winter activity items by renting a unit from Love Field Storage in Dallas.