The last thing you want when you put your belongings in storage is to find them broken, molded, or cracked when you take them out. If you’re storing a leather couch, electronics, wine, or antiques, a climate controlled storage unit will give your items the protection and security they need. You may be thinking that it’s not completely necessary to have climate controlled storage for these items, but if you don’t want to worry about the batteries leaking or leather cracking, it’s a definite consideration. If you’re putting your belongings into a storage unit here in Dallas, here are the items that need climate control the most.

Storage Solutions

Wooden Furniture

Wooden bed frames, chairs, dressers, bookcases, a majority of the furniture is made from wood or wood composite. These items, when placed in a humid environment for a long period of time can crack, warp, or rot. If you’re waiting to move into a new home, it’s better to go with a climate controlled unit so you can properly furnish your home, sleep, and live comfortably. Not to mention that replacing your wooden furniture could cost a small fortune.

Leather Furniture

Anyone who has owned any kind of leather knows the risks that extreme weather has on the durability of the material. Couches, clothing, boots, wallets, purses, the items that aren’t made entirely of leather but still have pieces, all of these items could be affected by the temperature and humidity. When it’s humid, the color of the leather can be affected and the moisture level could cause the material to begin to mold. Cold weather doesn’t have as much of an effect so it’s a good thing we’re in Dallas.

climate controlled storageHousehold Appliances

Just like furniture, it would be incredibly disappointing needing to replace major appliances like the washer and dryer, refrigerator, or dishwasher. These items should be in a climate controlled storage unit because mechanical parts could crack, rust, and cause permanent damage. Any appliances that use water, holds or cooks food should be drained completely, thoroughly cleaned, and dried to limit the possibility of mold or mildew growth. Replacing a microwave might not break the bank, but a stove would be a little more difficult.

Special Collections

  • Coins – When the temperature fluctuates the oxidation process can start damaging any metal coin. Copper and silver are especially at risk.
  • Stamps – High humidity can cause the stamps to curl and stick. When this happens, the value of the stamps goes down.
  • Comics – Just like stamps, the corners of the books could curl, damaging the condition of the comic. Also, older comics have an especially hard time dealing with moisture.
  • Wine – Wine can take a number of years to age, so spoiling bottles of wine would be supremely disappointing. Fluctuating temperatures can cause the aging process to accelerate, giving the wine an oxidized or metallic taste.

Music Instruments

Many homes have instruments of all types and each could benefit from climate control.

  • Percussion – a piano, for example, has a large number of glued joints. Glue won’t hold and strings could rust in too much humidity.
  • Strings – The strings and glued joints are susceptible to heat.
  • Brass – Bacteria and corrosion could become accelerated in high heat. Materials like felt, rubber, and cork can also break down.
  • Woodwinds – When the humidity is less than 40 percent, the instrument could dry out, shrink, and crack.


storage facilitiesExtreme temperatures and humidity can cause damage to electronics such as TVs, computers, gaming systems, and stereo systems. If you own a plasma TV, they are particularly prone to damage from major temperature changes. Humidity can also cause a lot of damage. The extra moisture can cause internal parts to rust and the wiring can break.


You can replace appliances, furniture, and electronics, but if you plan to put photo albums in storage, go with a climate controlled unit because they can’t be replaced as easily. Even in a photo album where the pictures are protected with plastic, in a hot environment, the pictures could stick to the plastic. Stored in boxes and stacked on top of each other is equally as dangerous. The prints could blend together and deteriorate.


The fabric of the art is the most important thing to keep protected. Protect art with cardboard backing and acid-free paper to protect from the sun and moisture. Wooden frames can also crack or warp, so add some wood polish before placing in storage. With temperature control, you can be confident your prized art pieces will be safe when you remove them from storage. Check out this blog on how to properly store antique art.

Both of our locations in Oak Cliff and Love Field have climate controlled storage units so you can be sure to keep all of your belongings safe and protected against the Dallas heat. Give us a call today to learn more about our storage facility and to reserve your unit.