If you’re temporarily moving in with a friend until a house is ready, spending a few months overseas, or whatever reason for renting a storage unit, it’s all about maximizing the space you have so you can spend less. There’s no need to rent a 20’x10’ storage unit if you’re only packing away a small apartment’s worth of belongings. With Oak Cliff and Love Field storage facilities, you can be sure to find a unit size that is just right for your needs. But how do you get the most out of your unit?

Self Storage

Coming and Going? Or Store it and Forget it?

First, consider whether or not you will need to access the storage unit frequently or not. If you’re staying in the area and may need to get your favorite book out or a pair of shoes, you’ll need to pack up the unit so you can have space down the middle to maneuver. If you’re not going to need to get into the unit for the duration of the stay, you can fill up the storage unit to the max.

How to Maximize the Space

  • storage facilitiesAlways keep in mind that you can use the entire floor to ceiling space. Don’t think about it like your apartment where it’s wall to wall. Adding in that vertical space allows you to fill up the unit with more of your belongings.  
  • Pack all larger items against of the walls of the unit. This will allow you to fill up the center of the space with smaller items and boxes. Put mattresses, box springs, furniture, bookcases, and dressers along the back and sides of the unit.
  • Utilize the insides of bookcases, dressers, and even refrigerators. Taking out drawers from dressers and emptying the bookcases will definitely make it easier to transport these items. But don’t forget to use this space inside the unit. Fill up dresser drawers with clothes if you’re not too worried about them wrinkling. Put knick-knacks, vases, books, and other miscellaneous items back on the bookcases. You can even put things inside the fridge, just be sure to leave the door propped open slightly for air flow. In a small 5’x5’ storage unit, any free space is up for grabs.
  • Store boxes strategically. This might seem self-explanatory, but solid Tetris skills are needed when filling up and maximizing space. Put all larger and heavier boxes at the bottom and place smaller and lighter boxes on top. Take your time packing the unit so that you can be sure you’re putting everything in as tightly as possible. Be sure to use good quality boxes as well so they don’t fall apart over time or fall over and create a gigantic mess.
  • Donate what isn’t necessary to store. If you’re planning on buying a new TV for your new home, don’t waste the space with a TV that you won’t use when you take the items out of storage. This goes for clothes, books, furniture, and other items as well that you don’t plan on using again. Putting belongings into storage is a great time to consolidate your items to make more space.
  • Store as many items as possible vertically. Sofas, mattresses, and coffee tables will all take up much less space and utilize that ceiling space as well.
  • Get creative and use oddly shaped items to fill in small spaces. Couch or bed pillows are great for adding protection to fragile items, slide in mirrors or large picture items in between other items. Just be sure to wrap them securely so that they don’t crack or break.

When you’re putting your belongings into a storage unit, make sure you’re getting the most out of the unit. Pack up smart and tight and with our Oak Cliff and Love Field storage facilities, you can be 100 percent confident your things are safe and secure.