We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but winter cleaning is just as important. Along with cleaning up dust and debris, you can begin the challenging task of decluttering. So pick a cloudy and rainy afternoon and get tidying! While you are dusting away the insides of closets, cabinets, and unearthing items that you had long forgotten about, consider if you want to free up space in your home. Here are some tips from your friendly storage unit facility on how to determine if you want to donate items, throw them away, or if you want to store them.

Does it Have Value?

Storage Units DallasThis is possibly the first question you should ask yourself when decluttering your home. There are always items in your home that haven’t been used in years, but there may be a personal connection to the item that keeps you from donating it or putting it into a storage unit.

  • If the item does have value, ask yourself if there is enough space in your home to keep it, or if you would benefit from renting a storage unit.
  • If it doesn’t have value, ask yourself if you could sell or donate the item.

When Did You Use it Last?

Determining when you used the item last will put the situation into perspective. If you really had forgotten that you even had it, it’s probably safe to donate or sell it. Items should be donated or sold if they haven’t been used in two years or longer (unless it has value). If it’s been under two years, consider putting the item in a place in your home where you are more likely to see and use it.

Do You Really Need the Space?

The size and shape of the item is also something to consider. The smaller and flatter the item is, the easier it will be for you to slide the item into a space. If it is bigger and has an odd shape, it will take up more space. However, keep in mind that the more small items you decide to keep around, the harder it will be to find space. The good news is that the storage units at both Love Field and Oak Creek storage are available in various sizes.

Storage Units Dallas

Can You Pass it On?

Instead of donating an item, can you pass it along to a neighbor or sibling? Donating items to a charity is a wonderful choice, but it can give you some peace of mind knowing who is using the item. Things like furniture, baby clothes, or even an old set of dishes may be just what your neighbor needs.

Going through your home to declutter can definitely be a challenge, especially when facing items that have a personal or emotional connection. But when you separate belongings that you are sure you don’t need anymore, the additional space is a positive benefit. For the items you do want to keep, but not in your home, contact us for safe and secure storage units. Learn more about the units at both of our locations, Love Field and Oak Creek, and give us a call today for a tour.