When you really get down to it, there’s a lot to know about renting a storage unit, including how to pack efficiently, how to prepare for long-term storage, and how to properly store certain items. There are certain climates, especially that require a little more thought and preparation before packing away your items and forgetting about them until it’s time to take everything out. The Dallas heat is something to watch out for if you’re planning on storing these items.

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It’s not just antique or vintage clothing that needs special care when moving them into a storage unit. Think about your gym clothes sitting in a locker for the weekend. The thought of smelly clothes stored away is enough to wrinkle your nose and will make sure that you do some laundry before packing away your things. Even little stains on dirty, unwashed clothes can have a big impact on the quality of the material after a few month of heat in a stuffy storage unit. Oils from your skin or stains will cause the fabric to deteriorate and could attract pests.


Even some sports fanatics with large flat screen TVs simply place their electronics in a storage unit without properly packing them away. Heat, or any change in temperature could cause damage to the internal components of your TVs, laptops, or stereo systems. Plasma TVs especially could be damaged when not in a temperature controlled unit. Try to store these items in the same position as they would be in while they are in use. Be sure to place them within a secure box to prevent them breaking if they fall and keep them away from the floor to keep moisture away from the boxes.

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There may not be many people these days who print out pictures from their phones or computers, but those who do care intensely about protecting them from moisture and heat. If you have old baby pictures or printed out wedding pictures, don’t stack them up in a box and place them with everything else in your storage unit. Stacks of photos that are exposed to moisture and heat could cause them to stick together and curl the edges. Place photos in an album with mylar, photo-safe sleeves. If your budget permits, rent a climate controlled unit.


Certain makeups can be expensive and won’t last forever at a humid storage facility. Solid powders and eye shadows have a higher chance of standing up to the heat, but liquid eye liners or foundation, mascara, or blush could melt and be a gooey mess when you open the box back up. It might be a surprise, but makeup does have a shelf date and even if the products are placed with a temperature controlled unit, they may not hold up.

When you’re getting ready to pack up and put your belongings in a storage unit, either short or long-term, make sure to look over all of the items and consider how well they will hold up in the Dallas heat and locked up in a unit with no air flow. Better to put some extra time in at the beginning than to find that your TV doesn’t work, clothes are mildewed, and makeup has melted. To learn more about our facility, give us a call today.