If you’ve invested in a high-quality bed set, you’ve got hundreds of dollars to protect. Love Field Storage wants to help. We know that if you take good care of your bed set, it can last for decades. Mattresses and box springs can last 10 to 15 years if properly maintained. If you find yourself with a bed set you don’t need but you aren’t ready to donate or sell it, here’s how to store it so you get many years out of it!

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Clean it first

Maybe you’re moving the mattress, or maybe you’re putting it in one of our storage units. Either way, this is a great opportunity to clean your mattress. This is an essential first step. Whether you’ve used mattress covers or not, the mattress will benefit from upholstery cleaner and vacuuming on both sides.

Don’t store it in the basement

Basements are usually damp and can permanently ruin mattresses. Though encasing your mattress in a plastic cover can help, it’s really best to keep it somewhere that’s totally dry. If you have to store a mattress in your home, put it where you’re confident it will stay dry. You should also be aware that pets and sharp objects can also ruin mattresses, so keep it covered and away from any animal friends you might have.

Store the frame correctly

It may be tempting to move the assembled bed frame, but most frames are not tough enough to handle the journey without snapping a joint. If they are tough enough, they will be extremely heavy. Disassembly is the best way to go. Disassemble the bed frame and collect all the parts in a plastic bag. Tape the bag to the frame or headboard to make sure you don’t lose it. Use old blankets to cover the frame and headboard in transit and during storage to keep dust away.

trailer storageUse a mattress cover

The goal here is to make your mattress waterproof, bug-proof, and dust-proof. You can buy plastic mattress covers at stores for under 20 dollars. Depending on what kind of cover you get, secure it with tape and make sure there aren’t any holes.

Position it differently depending on whether you’re storing it long- or short-term

If you’re planning to store the mattress for a long period of time, lay it down flat in your storage unit. Yes, this is different than what you’ll hear most of the time. The thing is, if you know that mattress is going to be sitting there for years, putting it on its side for that long will make the coils and inner parts shift. The whole mattress may be ruined. It’s totally fine to store a mattress on end for a while, but try not to leave it for too long. If you know you need to lay it down flat, put down wooden pallets and then a tarp to keep it up off the ground and away from moisture.

Don’t store heavy anything on it

If you lay your mattress down flat to store it, we understand that it might be very tempting to use that horizontal space for other items. It’s a bad idea! Items can ruin the mattress material and warp the mattress springs, leaving you with a lumpy mattress. If you’re short on space, you may have to put the mattress on its side, but do your best not to.

Refresh it right

When it’s time for the mattress to come out of storage, you should have some baking soda to sprinkle on both sides. The baking soda will absorb odors and leave the mattress smelling good. Just make sure you vacuum it all out! Nobody wants to see a puff of baking soda as they’re getting into bed!

When you need a storage solution you can trust, it’s time to visit Love Field Storage. Our Dallas storage solutions are diverse enough to accommodate any need, and we make it our top priority to provide convenience and total security. Whether you need to store a bedroom set or an RV, we can help you. We have packing materials on-site and enforce 24-hour digital surveillance. Contact us to learn more about how we can give you peace of mind!