self storageYou wouldn’t rent an apartment without taking a tour of the complex and apartment, right? You want to know what the property looks like, the general appearance of the outside of the buildings, what the bathroom looks like on the inside and how much space is in the kitchen. Well, the same goes for when you rent a self-storage unit. There might be some less than perfect facilities in Dallas and you might not get a real idea until you take some time to visit.

When you visit either of our locations, Love Field and Oak Cliff, you can expect to receive a detailed tour of the facility and the units themselves. But before you come by, here are some things you will want to pay attention to.

Self Storage

Property Condition

Look out for trash laying around that other tenants may have left behind. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your belongings aren’t safe, but when the facility is clean and tidy, you know that the manager takes pride in the appearance and first impression that the facility makes. A clean facility also means that it is well staffed, which does mean that your belongings are safe. Plan on visiting either location at night as well to be sure that any potential self-storage facility is well lit.

Buildings and Doors

Don’t be nervous about opening doors and examining latches, and pay attention to the walls, the floors, and even the driveways. If the doors and latches feel loose, if anything is rusty, if the walls have holes in them, these could be signs that the facility isn’t managed properly. When the seals are tight and the units are free of holes, this will keep moisture and critters outside of your unit. The driveway should be free of potholes and clutter so you can safely and smoothly pack away your belongings.

storage facilitiesVariety of Units

Many Dallas self-storage units will list out the sizes they have on their websites, but when you visit either our the Love Field or Oak Cliff locations, ask to see the unit that you wish to rent. If you thought you would need a 10’x15’ but when getting inside the unit you decide you only need a 10’x10’, visiting the facility saved you money on your monthly expenses!

Security Features

One of the more important features to check out is the self-storage facilities security. When you’re putting your belongings into a unit for months, you want to be 100 percent confident that they will be safe during your stay and that they are in the same condition when you take them out. Look to see if there is a gate security feature when entering the facility, that the facility has a fence surrounding every building, that each individual unit is secure, and the facility should be well lit at all times.

Office And Property Manager

Your first impression of any facility will be the office and the managers running it. A friendly manager will make your stay easy and it goes a long way in making you feel comfortable renting there. Just like the facility itself, the office should have a clean and tidy appearance. With an on-site property manager, it’s an extra level of protection against anything that goes wrong. For example, if the electricity goes out there will be someone there to fix the issue as soon as possible.

If you’re looking to rent a self-storage unit in Dallas, schedule an appointment or just come by to our Love Field or Oak Cliff locations. We are more than happy to show you your unit, the facility, and share all of the security features, and more. Give us a call today with any questions!