When you’ve lived in your Dallas home for a long time, your family has slowly grown, each holiday season means that there are more toys, more electronics and gadgets, you don’t always realize how cramped you have become. Closets and garages will always be the same size, so when it’s getting harder and harder to find places to store something you may not use often, it could be a sign you need a self storage unit. At Love Field Storage, we have two locations that can make staying organized at home much easier. What are other signs that you need more space?

Self Storage Dallas

Can’t Find What You Need

Have you ever had that feeling when you’re trying to find something that you just saw it, but you can’t for the life of you remember where you saw it? It might have been sitting on the stairs, it might have been in the upstairs closet, or in the garage, but you still spend more time than you should looking for it. Well, it might be time to remove some clutter from your home. A quick trip to a self storage facility might be just what you need to help keep your sanity at home.

Can’t Use Your Car Garage

You may be getting plenty of use out of your garage, but when it’s not for your car, it might be time for a self storage unit. If you have lawn equipment, sports equipment, boxes of old toys, and who knows what else hiding away in your garage, these items may be taking up space. Take back control of your garage and use it for it’s intended purpose! Keep your car protected by cleaning up the space.

Self Storage DallasUsing Your Spare Room for Storage Space?

Any spare room, whether it’s a guest room or office, tends to attract miscellaneous items. Over time, these items, which may have once been decorative, are turning into a nuisance and are only getting in the way of what used to be a functional space. If you are still getting use out of these items, find a way to organize them within the space. If not, it’s time to get a self storage unit.

Extra Furniture

A couch here or a bookcase there, you can make it work for now, but when you finally get tired of having a crowded living room or little walking space in the dining room, it can be frustrating. Having extra furniture isn’t always a bad thing, especially when you may need it one day, but when you are constantly stubbing your toes or having to dust surfaces that are never used, put them away for now in a storage unit.

Both of our Love Field and Oak Cliff self storage locations in Dallas have a variety of units so you can store away a few items, a couple of larger items, or even rooms full of belongings you aren’t using right now. Take a minute to look around your home and decide if you could use some extra space in your closets or garage and call us today for a tour.