Busy lives and a house or apartment full of beds, couches, and bookshelves are wonderful signs of prosperity. However, along with a life of packing up, moving around, and unpacking comes a need for self storage solutions. According to this report by the United States Census, 1 in 9 people changed residences between 2013 and 2014. Over 35 million people moved within the year. That’s a lot of boxes. If you were one of the nine people, did you choose a storage unit or a storage pod? If you’re planning to pack up, do you know which one fits your situation better? At Oak Cliff and Love Field Storage, we can help you decide.

Self Storage


With a storage pod, it will be shipped to your home where you or movers can pack it up and it will then be sent to a storage facility for safekeeping. The large metal containers are waterproof and make moving across the country easy and painless. Many suppliers will have a selection of sizes that you can choose from. The convenient thing about pods is that they are at ground level, making loading and unloading simple and can be done without the help of movers so you can keep the cost of moving down.

The downside to pods is that shipping and delivering the container can get pricey. Prices during the summer months are often higher, so if you can, plan your move accordingly. Keep your current and future location in mind as well. If you live or are moving to the Dallas area, make sure that there is space to keep the pod while you pack and unpack it. Pods may not work as well for those who live in downtown areas. Also, consider the temperature. Pods won’t have the benefit of being climate controlled. However, if you’re using the pod specifically for self storage and aren’t unpacking the items right away, you can have the pod delivered to a storage facility like Oak Cliff.

Storage Units

storage facilities

A secure facility with locked units, storage units are great for freeing up space at home or if you’re moving within the Dallas region and just need to put your belongings somewhere while figuring out the transition.

  • At Oak Cliff and Love Field, there is a wide selection of unit sizes so you can be sure to have enough space for all of your large and small items without spending additional money on a space that is too big.
  • If you have valuables, electronics, or other items that need climate controlled units, a storage facility is definitely the choice for you.
  • Storage units are a cost-effective way to keep your belongings safe while traveling and they assist with a variety of needs.
  • A storage facility will be able to accommodate you if you have boats, motorcycles, or vehicles that need to be put into storage.

Whether your situation calls for a self storage unit or a pod, we can work with you to make sure that the moving process is smooth and as easy as possible. Call us today to learn more about our facility or if you have any questions or want a tour of the facility.