Nothing makes moving your things into a self-storage facility worse than not having the right supplies. When you don’t have enough tape, boxes, or bubble wrap, you can spend most of your time running back and forth to the store instead of spending time carefully packing away your things. Not only does this use all of your gas, but there are plenty of other important tasks that need to be done. With this list, you can make one easy trip to the store to stock up on all of the must-have storage supplies.

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Bubble Wrap

Put your trust in bubble wrap and your dinner plates, fine china, electronics, and vases will thank you later. Bubble wrap is a supply that you will never want to run out of so stock up on plenty of it. The serrated roll of wrap is easy to tear off, comes in different sized bubbles, and if you have any extra, it even makes for a great dog toy. For the best protection, wrap your items with the bubbles facing inward.

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Packing Paper

If you’re feeling a little more environmentally friendly and want to go with a non-plastic wrap, packing paper is just the thing. Instead of using newspaper that could leave certain items with a black ink stain on them, choose a plain newsprint that can be used wrapping dishes, glasses, or smaller pieces. Packing paper also costs less and takes up less space than bubble wrap. Extra paper can be used to fill up boxes that aren’t quite full and need some extra support.


When you’re packing up to move belongings into a self-storage facility, you will, of course, need boxes. If you can, ask your employer or local grocery stores if they have any banker’s boxes or boxes that will just be thrown out so you can save some money on supplies. Get a range of sizes so that books and heavier items can be packed away and the box won’t need two or three people to carry it. For boxes with various items in it, place heavier items on the bottom and lighter, smaller items on the top.

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Moving Blankets

This one is important if you have pieces of wood or leather furniture or pianos that you don’t want to get scratched. If you have blankets lying around the house and don’t mind if they get a bit dirty, they will work just fine. Just be careful they don’t get ripped themselves. Or if you prefer, you can purchase moving blankets from our self-storage facility in Dallas.

Stretch Plastic Wrap

You see moving companies use this supply to wrap pianos with so that blankets stay in place, but it has a variety of uses. Instead of removing dresser drawers and worrying about them flying out when moving, you can use plastic wrap to secure them and even help prevent scratches. This wrap can also be used for cutlery trays, utensil trays, or even makeup trays.

Heavy-Duty Packaging Tape

Strapping down boxes is another vital step in preparing to move into a self-storage unit. It can be pretty disappointing watching items spill out of a box when it’s dropped. Be sure to get the heavy-duty kind and not a cheap version that will unstick after some time in a humid storage unit. Put a couple strips across the top, bottom, and edges for extra support.

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This might seem obvious, but you’ll definitely miss having them around if you forget them. Keep yourself organized and protect your belongings by writing on each box what the contents are, draw arrows to designate how to carry the box, or even write, “Don’t place anything on top of this box” when there are fragile contents.

Trash Bags and Small Baggies

When renting a self-storage unit, there’s a good chance there will be things that need to be thrown out or small items that need to be kept together, such as screws or batteries. Use small baggies to keep small items organized and to keep them from getting lost.

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One Item You Don’t Need: Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts aren’t as effective as bubble wrap or packing paper and they fly around everywhere when trying to fill up a box. If you plan on using peanuts to fill up extra space in a box, it’s best to use extra packing paper that can better protect the contents of the box.

The team at Love Field Storage hopes this helps you with your move into our self-storage facility. If you find that you need supplies on the day of your move, feel free to give us a call or visit us in the facility’s office in Dallas. We have what it takes to make storing your items easy. If you have any questions about our storage units or prices, give us a call today.