Not everyone has a big Dallas mansion, so when family comes to town, it might be necessary to free up some space for them during their stay. For those living in apartments or smaller homes where space is limited, family coming means having to squeeze into a space with luggage, presents, furniture, closets full of winter clothes, and pets if you have them. While this could be a fun challenge, you could also consider renting a unit and a self storage facility for a month to free up space and to make the holidays that much more enjoyable.

The Bathroom

Self Storage DallasSpending some time away from home means guests have to carry toiletries around wherever they go. If the trip is longer than a week, this can quickly become tedious and possibly even messy! Give your guests a break and let them have some space in the bathroom. Consider gathering just what you need while they are in your home and put other items in a box that can stay at a self storage facility for bit. Make sure there are just enough towels for everyone and leftover cupboard space can be given to guests. Various shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and other hair and body products can also be consolidated to free up space.

The Couch

We’re not suggesting that everyone sits on the floor for the holidays, but the couch can be a large item in the living room that makes the space feel cramped. With several guests and a Christmas tree in the corner, moving the couch out for a couple of weeks will help everyone feel relaxed. So what do you sit on? Replace the couch with a few comfy folding chairs! Our self storage facilities have units that are the perfect size for a couch.


Make sure your guests have enough space in the closet so they can feel right at home when they arrive. Plan out a few outfits during the stay and remove coats, jackets, and boots that you won’t be wearing. Big winter boots and heavy coats take up quite a bit of space. And guests who are able to come in and put their coat in the closet goes a long way in making them feel welcome.

Self Storage

Driveway Space

For smaller homes, driveways, and garages, parking space can be taken up quickly with incoming guests. Both Oak Creek and Love Field self storage facilities offer RV and vehicle parking to free up outside space. Instead of constantly shuffling around vehicles, consider putting a vehicle in storage and then carpooling whenever you head out of the house. Also, if you need further garage space, consider moving out the lawnmower, bikes, and other sports equipment for a few weeks.

While these tips may not be ideal, creating a welcoming and warm environment for guests is what the holidays are all about! The good news is that our self storage facilities in Dallas are inexpensive and have great features to give you peace of mind while renting a unit. For all of your storage needs, give us a call today for a tour.