Is your home feeling a bit claustrophobic? Are you tired of rearranging your valuables so they fit? When items build up in your home, it’s not only stressful; it’s hazardous as well. Overcrowded furniture or stacks of collectibles are tripping dangers. They can also be fire hazards. There comes a point when you have to clear things out. But how do you know?

At Love Field Storage, we believe knowledge is power, and we want to make sure you have the ability to make the best choice for your valuables. In today’s blog, we are going to share seven signs that you need to start looking for a self-storage solution. Read on!

You’re constantly tripping over something

It might be dumbells, toys, boxes, or something else, but if you’re tripping over items in your home, it’s a sure sign you need a storage solution. Go through and sort out items you don’t use frequently. You can store them in a facility and easily access them only when you need to. Even if you’re planning to sell some items off, a storage unit can hold the items for sale until you find buyers.

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You can’t clean without moving everything around

You should be able to do basic cleaning without having to move a bunch of things around in order to access carpet, corners, and shelves. If you find yourself spending a majority of your time shifting things so you can clean under and around them, a storage unit can be a true relief. Again, gather up items you don’t use frequently and store them for easy accessibility using tips from our last blog.

You can’t park your car in the garage anymore

Many people use their garages as long-term storage, failing to realize that their garages’ first role is short-term storage. Bikes, yard maintenance tools, and cars belong in your garage. The furniture your grandmother passed on to you should go in a storage unit, along with all your holiday decorations.

self storage facilityYou’re more concerned about new furnishings fitting rather than their color

Generally, homeowners find themselves unable to buy new furniture simply because it won’t fit. This can be especially frustrating if you’re hemmed in by heirlooms you don’t really like but can’t give away. Whatever the circumstances may be, if you’re longing for a trip to the furniture store, invest in a storage unit for the pieces you don’t want to use any more. You’ll free up space and enjoy refreshing your home with new furnishings!  

You can’t find what you need when you need it

Even the most vigorous organizational system will eventually fall into chaos if it has more items than it can handle. Losing something every so often is normal, but if you find yourself searching for items on a daily basis, you need a storage unit. Stop going through cycles of frustration as you try to cook, dress yourself, and pursue your hobbies. Invest in a storage unit and clear up your space!

You’re less and less satisfied with the size of your home

Before you decide that you’re stuck in a tiny home you’ve outgrown, consider how much stuff is sharing your breathing space. How much of it do you actually use? Take some time to sort through your belongings and either donate what you don’t need or put it in a storage unit. We guarantee you will realize that your home is a lot bigger than you thought it was!

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Your collections are taking over

Collecting is a hugely rewarding hobby, but it is also the Achilles heel of anyone hoping to keep a home comfortable and open. Collections have to be stored, and not in the garage or in the closet where your clothes should be. It’s not just crowding for you, it’s dangerous for the collection, which could get dirty or be crushed. Find a climate-controlled storage unit and keep your collection safe!

At Love Field Storage, we understand that sometimes, you need a safe place for your valuables because they can’t stay on your property. We are here to give you peace of mind. Learn more about our Dallas self-storage facility and the huge variety of sizes and resources we offer!