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April 29, 2017

Life has crazy ups and downs. Sometimes, it puts us in tight apartments. Sometimes, it sends us overseas. Sometimes, it makes us responsible for a bunch of stuff that isn’t ours for a while. No matter what life may be throwing your way, if you’ve got a bunch of stuff tripping you up, it’s time to put your foot down and invest in a storage unit. Don’t just let the stuff pile up; put it in a safe place. It won’t just keep the stuff safe; it will keep you safe, too.

You’d be amazed how many people tolerate extremely cluttered homes. They don’t seem to realize that they’ve created a highly hazardous situation for themselves. Cluttered homes don’t just send people tumbling down stairs and tripping around corners, they can actually be huge fire hazards. If your escape routes are all blocked by boxes of collectibles, you and any rescuers will have a much harder time escaping should a fire break out.

So why do people drown in stuff and not rent storage units? Most of them assume that renting a storage unit will be a huge expense and inconvenience when in reality, storage units are highly affordable and provide incredible convenience. Additionally, when you’ve got some tips and insights under your belt, you can ensure your storage company gives you the best experience. At Love Field Storage, we are passionate about providing convenience and security to everyone who rents our units, and we have a few things you should keep in mind when heading into being a storage unit renter! storage facilities


At Love Field Storage, we offer an unmatched array of unit sizes in order to accommodate any need and budget. We don’t want anyone burning hard-earned money on storage space they don’t need! Our smallest unit is 5×3’, which is about as big as a good-sized closet. Our largest unit is 15′ x 50’ and can hold an entire RV. We have many sizes in between. You’ll want to take the dimensions of your furniture and boxes to get a feel for how much space you need. Remember that storage units have vertical space. Ours have ceilings 10 feet high or more. You’ll want to visit prospective facilities before planning just how you’ll arrange all the pieces.



It’s always a good idea to compare facilities. Just make sure you compare more than just the prices. How effective are the security systems? Do you like the staff? Do they sell supplies right on site? Do they offer the services you need, like climate control and size? Check out their Google and Yelp reviews to get a reading, and always go in for a visit!


We wanted to highlight this tip, because the last thing you need is a facility that is always closed when you’re available. Some facilities close at six or seven while others are open until midnight. We recommend you test how long it takes you to reach the facility from work. If you can get there before it closes, it’s a viable choice. It doesn’t always work to wait until the weekend; sometimes you need to get into your unit in the evenings, and you should be able to. Love Field Storage is open seven days a week! 


This isn’t a “must,” but we highly recommend renting with a facility who sells storage supplies right on site. You’ll be able to access specialized boxes, tape, carts, and locks without having to go to the store. Moving stuff can be a tiring task, and being able to grab a roll of tape from the office is much nicer than having to run to the store.


Most storage units have concrete floors. A lot of people fail to realize that concrete is very slick when it gets wet, and many unfortunate falls have happened as a result. If your storage unit is going to have walking space, we recommend you get rubber floor mats to keep your footing solid. Additionally, if you know the facility is in an area prone to flooding, store everything on shelves or wooden pallets. You can generally find pallets at home improvement stores.


You might have a flashback to high school lockers while trying to find the right lock for your storage unit! There are dozens of locks to choose from, but cylinder locks are the way to go. Cylinder locks are constructed to function just like door locks and are very secure.


The team at Love Field Storage is proud to offer Dallas trustworthy self storage solutions. We offer an incredible selection of units and keep anything from your RV or your first editions safe and in great condition. Contact us today to learn more about how we can give you a safe place to store your valuables! Categories: Self Storage Dallas Tags: business storage, climate controlled storage, indoor storage units, long term storage, self storage facility, storage company, storage facilities, storage near me, storage units, storage units prices, student storage

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