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December 21, 2017

It was a hard decision, but you finally winterized your RV in preparation for a few months of cold weather. The trips you took throughout the year were full of memories and warm thoughts that will get you through the winter. But when space is limited at home, it’s necessary to put your beloved RV in a self storage facility in Dallas. With a professional and secure facility like Oak Cliff & Love Field Storage, you can be confident that the RV will be there for you the moment spring air hits your face. In the meantime, here is a guide to ensure the RV is prepared for a couple of months of storing.


First, clean your RV with a special wax that will protect it from sun damage and dirt. Pay special attention to the roof and remove any black streaks that accumulate from dirt and grime from the road. The cleaner the RV is now, the easier it will be to take out in the spring. Next, take a close look at silicon seams, caulking, and any rubber seals. The last thing you want is your RV to be damaged by water while it’s in self storage. If there are any cracks, it’s better to have them fixed now rather than spending more money later.


To prevent mold and mildew from forming, it’s essential that there is proper airflow while also keeping out rain. A perfect items for the job is a special rooftop vent cover that will make it so that you can keep the vents open, but also keep rain out. This step will keep your RV from smelling like a dirty pond in the spring, which we’re sure you will appreciate.


If you’ve ever opened up an RV and found spiders or mice, it’s not a fun experience. To prevent this, make sure all openings are secure. Plumbing vents, the fridge panel and vent, the furnace exhaust, and air intake piping should all be equipped with screens to keep pests out. Also, empty the RV of any food that pests would be attracted to. At our self storage facility, we do everything possible to keep pests out.


To prevent a dead battery when you pick up your RV, consider disconnecting all electrical supplies. Before you drop off the RV, however, be sure that the battery is fully charged.  


The temperature in Dallas doesn’t often drop below freezing, so it’s not necessary to flush out the tanks or piping. However, if you are concerned about damaging the plumbing, add some antifreeze into the piping, valves, drain pipes, and waste tanks.


No one wants to see deflated tires when they’re planning an RV getaway. Store your RV away from direct sunlight if possible Unload the RV to ensure the least amount of weight Move the RV every three months if possible.

Putting your RV in a self storage facility is a great way to free up space at your home during the winter months. But preparing it is essential if you want an easy time of getting it going in the spring. Learn more about the features of our Oak Cliff and Love Field storage and give a self storage facility a call today for a tour.

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