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June 10, 2017


Here, we’ll show you.

Do you have too much stuff in your garage? Is your driveway or living space overflowing with boxes and bags? Are you a student in need of a storage space for all of your cool dorm room lava lamps and accessories? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, chances are you need to find a self-storage facility.

But searching for a storage unit that matches the size and accommodation needs for all of your personal belongings can be tricky.

That’s why at Love Field Self Storage, we offer a variety of sizes for short and long-term units to find you the perfect unit and create the ideal storage solution in Dallas.

Whether you’re storing a car, boat, moving supplies (furniture or boxes), the friendly staff at Love Field Self Storage will set you up with a perfect unit at the right price so you can feel secure and satisfied!


Not too big, not too small. When matched with your needs, our clean, affordable and climate-controlled storage units at Love Field Storage Solutions are just right. Our handy storage unit size guide below can help you determine how big or small of a unit you need in order to find the right storage solution right here in Dallas!

  • 5×3: Think: A small closet. This unit is ideal for storing papers, documents, bookshelves and other miscellaneous items.
  • 5×5: A slightly larger closet, this storage unit can store a little bit more, including smaller sized mattresses/couches and frames.
  • 5×8: An even bigger walk-in closet, this unit offers more depth to store more boxes, electronics, bicycles and more.
  • 5×10: Fits the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment. This can include a bed, couch, boxes of dishes and appliances.
  • 5×15: More room to store more rooms! The 5×15 offering allows more depth to pack in smaller appliances like a washer and dryer along with a bed set, dresser, boxes and more. RV Storage
  • 8×10: Everything in your living room can fit right in this storage solution. Move right in with your entertainment stand, lamp, coffee table, chairs and a couch. 10×10: Perfect for an even larger family or living room, this unit features a slightly wider frame to encompass larger mattress sets, dressers and other items from a 2-bedroom space.
  • 10×12: Same as the one above, only with two extra feet of space to include a skateboard, tv stand and shoe collection.
  • 10×15: Roughly the equivalent of a 3-bedroom space, this unit allows more breathing room for entertainment stands, sports equipment, a dining room set (table and chairs) or even a small trailer.
  • 10×20: Smaller cars can fit here, with room to spare for a mattress set or appliances. Depending on your needs, this unit offers a lot of wiggle room.
  • 12×15: The 12-foot width allows for larger items to easily drive in, including trailers, book cases or outdoor equipment. 12×20: Small boats and campers now have a safe place to be tucked in until summertime!
  • 12×41: If you have it, it can probably be stored in here. Enough space for multiple cars, motorcycles, bedroom sets, large furniture and appliances, dining room sets and more.
  • 15×20: More room for more rooms. If you’re moving or renovating, this unit can comfortably fit between 3 and 4 rooms and miscellaneous items.
  • 15×50: Now we’re talking. Our largest offering, this unit can house trucks, boats, trailers, campers and more. Whether you’re moving long distance or traveling for an extended period, this unit can safely house all of your large equipment and valuables.

Each of our storage facilities are ground level with 10-foot+ ceilings, easy to access and are monitored and regulated by an on-site property manager so you can be certain that your personal belongings, vehicles, business documents and more are always secure! And don’t forget, our month-to-month lease option allows you to match your unit for a time best suited for your needs.

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