1. Donate It, Keep It, or Store It?

    We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but winter cleaning is just as important. Along with cleaning up dust and debris, you can begin the challenging task of decluttering. So pick a cloudy and rainy afternoon and get tidying! While you are dusting away the insides of closets, cabinets, and unearthin…Read More

  2. Storing the RV For Winter

    It was a hard decision, but you finally winterized your RV in preparation for a few months of cold weather. The trips you took throughout the year were full of memories and warm thoughts that will get you through the winter. But when space is limited at home, it’s necessary to put your beloved RV …Read More

  3. Make Space For Guests During the Holidays

    Not everyone has a big Dallas mansion, so when family comes to town, it might be necessary to free up some space for them during their stay. For those living in apartments or smaller homes where space is limited, family coming means having to squeeze into a space with luggage, presents, furniture, c…Read More

  4. Long Term Storage Prep Tips

    Storing your belongings long-term may not necessarily be a fun thing to do. It requires wrapping fragile items, packing them in boxes, putting away clothes, and piling everything into a storage unit. But whatever reason you have for putting the items in the unit, you still want them to be just how y…Read More

  5. Signs You Need More Storage Now

    When you’ve lived in your Dallas home for a long time, your family has slowly grown, each holiday season means that there are more toys, more electronics and gadgets, you don’t always realize how cramped you have become. Closets and garages will always be the same size, so when it’s getting ha…Read More

  6. What Size Storage Unit do You Need?

    Needing to rent a storage unit possibly means that you’re in a transitional phase between homes, or that you simply don’t have enough space in your home to keep everything there. Either way, you never want to spend more on a unit than you have to, which means calculating correctly the space you …Read More

  7. It’s Time to Switch Out Summer and Winter Storage Items

    Summer has come to an end and fall is in full swing in Dallas. Even though it might not feel like it’s cooling off yet, October and November is the perfect time to think about switching out seasonal belongings from your storage unit. Love Field Storage wants to continue providing the community of …Read More

  8. Must-Have Self-Storage Supplies

    Nothing makes moving your things into a self-storage facility worse than not having the right supplies. When you don’t have enough tape, boxes, or bubble wrap, you can spend most of your time running back and forth to the store instead of spending time carefully packing away your things. Not only …Read More

  9. How to Store Pool Supplies Right

    Even though the weather might not get incredibly cold in Dallas during the winter, you still might be wanting to put away the pool for a few months. That means completing the regular maintenance for the pool itself and finding a safe place for the pool chemicals and other supplies. It might not seem…Read More

  10. What Should You Look For When Touring a Storage Unit?

    You wouldn’t rent an apartment without taking a tour of the complex and apartment, right? You want to know what the property looks like, the general appearance of the outside of the buildings, what the bathroom looks like on the inside and how much space is in the kitchen. Well, the same goes for …Read More