1. Must-Have Self-Storage Supplies

    Nothing makes moving your things into a self-storage facility worse than not having the right supplies. When you don’t have enough tape, boxes, or bubble wrap, you can spend most of your time running back and forth to the store instead of spending time carefully packing away your things. Not only …Read More

  2. How to Store Pool Supplies Right

    Even though the weather might not get incredibly cold in Dallas during the winter, you still might be wanting to put away the pool for a few months. That means completing the regular maintenance for the pool itself and finding a safe place for the pool chemicals and other supplies. It might not seem…Read More

  3. What Should You Look For When Touring a Storage Unit?

    You wouldn’t rent an apartment without taking a tour of the complex and apartment, right? You want to know what the property looks like, the general appearance of the outside of the buildings, what the bathroom looks like on the inside and how much space is in the kitchen. Well, the same goes for …Read More

  4. Did You Know You’re Storing These Items Wrong?

    When you really get down to it, there’s a lot to know about renting a storage unit, including how to pack efficiently, how to prepare for long-term storage, and how to properly store certain items. There are certain climates, especially that require a little more thought and preparation before pac…Read More

  5. Pods Vs. Storage Facility

    Busy lives and a house or apartment full of beds, couches, and bookshelves are wonderful signs of prosperity. However, along with a life of packing up, moving around, and unpacking comes a need for self storage solutions. According to this report by the United States Census, 1 in 9 people changed re…Read More

  6. Stuck in a Small Dorm Room? Consider a Storage Unit

    Whether you spent your summer traveling across the globe or filled your days working hard and playing on the weekends, summer is about over. August means that school supplies are filling up the shelves, retail stores are stocking up on backpacks and graduating high school seniors are starting to pac…Read More

  7. How to Maximize Your Storage Unit

    If you’re temporarily moving in with a friend until a house is ready, spending a few months overseas, or whatever reason for renting a storage unit, it’s all about maximizing the space you have so you can spend less. There’s no need to rent a 20’x10’ storage unit if you’re only packing a…Read More

  8. Items That Need Climate Controlled Storage

    The last thing you want when you put your belongings in storage is to find them broken, molded, or cracked when you take them out. If you’re storing a leather couch, electronics, wine, or antiques, a climate controlled storage unit will give your items the protection and security they need. You ma…Read More

  9. How to Store Antique Furniture, Art, and Clothes

    In a previous post, we discussed what should be stored at a storage facility and items that can’t be stored. One of the items that are gladly welcomed at our self-storage facility in Dallas is antiques. We said to check back for information on how to properly store your antique furniture, art, or …Read More

  10. Storage Dos and Don’ts

    Ever find yourself wondering if you can store fireworks in your newly rented storage unit? You may haven’t, but someone has. And that’s why there are rules about what can and can’t be stored in our Dallas storage facility. You might say to yourself that if you’re paying for the unit, you can…Read More